Mycotoxin Absorbent
Salmonella Inhibitor

Sim Wall contains Beta- Glucane gained from activated yeast cell walls, purified and activated zeolite Clinoptilolit and organic acids: Formic Acid, Acetic Acid and Propionate. Sim Wall destroys moulds and bacteria in feed stuff by the acid compounds, stimulates the immune system by Beta-Glucane and neutralizes the mycotoxins by absorption to activated Clinoptilolit.

Organic acids
Formic, Acetic acids and Propionate are known agents to combat bacteria and moulds. Sim Wall with hydrogenated acids is a strong Salmonella inhibitor in feedstuff. Organic acids act also as growth promoter and depress pathogenic bacteria like E. Coli or Salmonella in the gut.

Sim Wall is produced from pure and natural bakers yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae KUEN 1586. The highly poriferous yeast cell walls not only bind the Aflatoxins but also bind other toxins such as Ocratoxins, Vomitoxins, T2-Toxins, Zeaaleone, Fumarisin etc. Sim Wall is produced with a patented process that ensures the utilization of the inner surface of the yeast cells.


Beta-1,3-(D)-Glucan, a component of the yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)cell wall, stimulates the immune system. The production process of Sim De Tox turns
Beta-1,3-(D)-Glucan into an active form that the immune system can detect and triggered..

Beta-1,3-(D)-Glucan increases the natural protection of animals against diseases and toxic substances, triggers the immune system against numerous potentially infectious pathogenic microorganisms, substances and agents, increases the capacity of macrophages to kill off the tumorous cells.

Sim Wall contains the activated and purified zeolite Clinoptilolit. Clinoptilolit absorbs and neutralizes the mycotoxins in the intestine.

Recommended Dosage:
1 kg Sim Wall per 1 metric ton feed