Beneficial to the animal’s resistance

  • Readily available selenium and vitamin E
  • Water-soluble, does not foul the drinking water system
  • For healthy livestock
  • Easy to absorb (even for weak animals)
  • Beneficial to the animal’s resistance

Broiler chickens are generally raised until market age (at 5 to 7 wk of age). During this short life span, the chickens increase their body weight from about 40 g to more than 2.5 kg. Environmental conditions in broiler houses tend to fluctuate and are often less than optimal.
For example, producers may reduce ventilation in an effort to decrease heating costs during cold weather. Under these rearing conditions, broiler chicks are exposed to pathogens and other environmental stresses at an age when they are not fully immunocompetent.
Additionally, body weight has been shown to be negatively correlated with immune function in chickens, imposing another challenge on the successful rearing of rapidly growing broilers.

Intra Mineral Selenium + E
Intra Mineral Selenium+ Vit E is a nutritional supplement for pigs and poultry. It is used when a supplement to selenium and or Vitamin E in the diet is required, or it can be used as a replacement in animal feeds. Intra Mineral Selenium+ Vit E is much more effective than normally added to animal feeds, as a result of which the same effect can be achieved with much less selenium and/or Vitamin E. The product is administered in the drinking-water or the mash/liquid feed.


Intra Mineral Selenium+ Vit E is comprised of an organic complex of selenium salts with Vitamin E, and contains 200 mg selenium (Se) and 200 gr Vitamin E per kg product.

The Intra Mineral Selenium+ Vit E number amongst the very best combination available in liquid form. No other product possesses the effectiveness, stability and consistency exhibited by Intra Minerals.
The product is stable in neutral circumstances, highly soluble in water, do not foul the drinking- water system, and have a shelf life of 24 months.


Use a dose of 50 – 100 ml Intra Mineral Selenium+ Vit E per 1000 litre drinking-water, depending on the need, for a period of 1-2 weeks. (100 ml per 1000 litre drinking-water).
Intra Mineral Selenium+ Vit E is manufactured pursuant to the ISO and GMP+/HACCP requirements, and complies with the EU Animal Feeds Directives (E8 and E307).

Intra Mineral Selenium + Vit E can be delivered in:

  • Bottle: 1 litre
  • Bottle: 2 litre
  • Can: 5 litre

Keep cool and away from light. Seal the package after use

The production of Intra Mineral Selenium+ Vit E is in compliance with the Dutch GMP+ guideline. The GMP+ policy of Intracare consist of the following aspects:

  • Food safety is our number one concern (It is not possible to develop any product without this in mind).
  • Intracare is certified according the Dutch GMP +norm.
  • Intracare uses only raw materials that are in compliance with GMP+.